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Correction: Curcumin and proton pump inhibitors for functional dyspepsia: a randomised, double blind controlled trial

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Kongkam P, Khongkha W, Lopimpisuth C, et al Curcumin and proton pump inhibitors for functional dyspepsia: a randomised, double blind controlled trial BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine 2023;28:399-406.

The journal received a rapid response that raised issues regarding the registration status of this trial and the methods. The journal investigated these issues with the collaboration of the authors, and has issued a correction covering the following aspects:a) BMJ EBM has a policy only to publish studies registered before recruiting the first participant. This study started recruitment in 2019 and was registered in 2022 due to an oversight of the authors. The authors declared this upon submission, and BMJ EBM failed to identify this issue. To review whether the methods were pre-specified, we reviewed the authors' study protocol from 2018 that was submitted for IRB ethics approval. BMJ was satisfied that the study was conducted and reported as planned and that no outcomes have been switched or omitted. The protocol has been uploaded as a supplementary file and a correction to the paper adds a statement that the trial was retrospectively registered.b) The CONSORT flow diagram of Figure 1 has been corrected due to an error in the number of people lost to follow-up in one of the treatment arms.c) The mention of 'equivalence' has been removed as the study was not designed as an equivalence trial. The wording related to 'comparable effects' has been amended.

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