24 e-Letters

published between 2012 and 2015

  • Comment on "A qualitative approach to Bayes' theorem" by Medow and Lucey
    Aquiles R. Henriquez

    Dear editor,

    We welcome the publication of Medow and Lucey in the December issue, describing a qualitative approach to Bayes' theorem [1]. Especially because the authors provide a new impulse to the development of clinician-friendly strategies for teaching clinical decision making skills.

    However, the approach proposed by the authors is not new. We reported a didactic model based on a visual representation of B...

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  • Gate control pain modulation theory invalidates the control groups used in these RCTs
    Stavros Saripanidis

    Dear Editors,

    The dorsal horns are not merely passive transmission stations but sites at which dynamic activities (inhibition, excitation and modulation) occur. [18]

    Via a series of filters and amplifiers, the nociceptive message is integrated and analysed in the cerebral cortex, with interconnections with various areas. [1]

    The processing of pain takes place in an integrated matrix throughout...

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  • Accurate, but is it patient-centred?
    Rodger C Charlton

    Although the accuracy of a mercury sphygmomanometer can be debated, automatic and semi-automatic devices which inflate the cuff often do so to well above the systolic pressure and can cause patients considerable discomfort even when an appropriate cuff size has been used. These devices frequently re-inflate for a variety of reasons, but out of control of the operator who is waiting for a reading.

    Anecdotally, I...

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  • Do not discard your mercury sphygmomanometers, yet.
    Yehia Y. Mishriki

    It would not be surprising to find that the "error" rate in blood pressure determinations with the "old fashioned" sphygmomanometer was due, in part, to a faulty technique by the individuals taking the blood pressures. Remarkably, little or no time is spent in teaching medical students the proper technique for blood pressure determination including the appropriate cuff size to use, the various audible phases, etc. One ca...

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