24 e-Letters

published between 2015 and 2018

  • Inaccurate radiation exposure calculation
    Nigel D'Souza

    Dear Editor,

    Dr Rogers et al have astutely pointed out the dangers of routine CT assessment of right iliac fossa pain in the paediatric population. I agree wholeheartedly that the role of clinical judgement, alongside observation and serial examination remain critical. Ultrasonography and MRI are additional valuable diagnostic adjuncts that do not incur a radiation dose to patients.

    I would question the da...

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  • Maternal pertussis vaccination
    Elyse O Kharbanda

    Dear Editor,

    We were pleased to read the commentary by Millar and Sanz(1) regarding our publication on Tdap safety in pregnancy from the Vaccine Safety Datalink.(2) We agree that policies regarding routine vaccination should be made after careful review of the risks and benefits of vaccination. For maternal vaccination, evaluations of risk-benefit profiles are complex, as both maternal and infant outcomes must be...

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  • Re:Further research in low dose CT scan for suspected appendicitis.
    William D Rogers

    We share your enthusiasm for the current efforts to reduce radiation exposure associated with the use of CT scanning and agree with your assertion that performance of appendectomy without scanning will inevitably lead to more negative appendectomies. We are confident though based on the NHS laparoscopic appendectomy statistics reviewed by Omar and Clark in the Annals of Surgery that those negative appendectomies are asso...

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  • Further research in low dose CT scan for suspected appendicitis.
    Dr. Paul V Puthussery

    Dear Editor,

    We read with great interest the recent article written by William Rogers et al on the Harms of CT scanning prior to surgery for suspected appendicitis(1). It highlights the radiation risk of cancer while routinely performing an abdominal CT scan on an otherwise healthy patient with symptoms suggestive of appendicitis. This radiation risk of cancer becomes all the more important in patients with 'ne...

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