Table 2

 Form for voting on and keeping track of journal club sessions (sample only)

Voting—pls put a star in the boxClinical queriesStatusSearchBest evidence
*****In elderly women aged >65, will continuous pap smear screening decrease mortality from CA cervix?"DONE
*Does monthly injectable contraceptive expose patients to the same risk of DVT and breast cancer?
*****In post menopausal women with CHD, does HRT compared with no HRT, reduce the risk of further CHD events over the next 5–10 years?DONE
*What is the success rate of Lamisil in treating onychomycosis?
*In HBsAg carriers, what is the all cause mortality for different age and sex groups?
*In HBsAg carriers, what is the risk of developing cirrhosis and HCC for those with elevated SGPT more than 2 times compared with patients with normal liver enzyme levels?
*In patients with positive HBsAg status and SGPT more than 2 times normal, is lamivudine effective in preventing complication? What are the NNT and NNH?
*****What is the current guideline on the management of HBsAg positive patients in Hong Kong? What should be the guidelines used by the JASPA group after our search on the literature?For next session