Intervention v usual care in nursing home residents with sleep problems

Outcomes at 32 daysMean change from baselineDifference in mean change from baseline (p value)
InterventionUsual care
*Percentage of daily observations.
Daytime sleep*−11%−2%9% (p<0.001)
Night time mean awakening length (min)−0.844.8 (p = 0.042)
Night time total sleep (h)0−0.30.3 (p = 0.35)
Percentage of night time sleep0−4%4 (p = 0.25)
Night time number of awakenings2.7−0.93.6 (p = 0.34)
Participation in social activities*1.9%0.1%1.8% (p<0.001)
Participation in social conversation*0.7%−0.4%1.1% (p = 0.03)
Physical activity*8.7%1.8%6.9% (p = 0.001)