Thrombolysis v heparin for recurrent pulmonary embolism (PE)*

Outcomes during hospital stay or to 30 daysThrombolysisHeparinRRR (95% CI)NNT (CI)
*Abbreviations defined in glossary; RRR, RRI, NNT, NNH, and CI calculated from control event rate and odds ratio in article.
Recurrent PE or death6.7%9.6%31% (−11 to 56)Not significant
Recurrent PE2.7%4.3%32% (−35 to 66)Not significant
Death4.3%5.9%29% (−28 to 62)Not significant
Major bleeding9.1%6.1%38% (−18 to 126)Not significant
Non-major bleeding23%10%140% (48 to 276)13 (7 to 36)
Intracranial haemorrhage0.5%0.3%4% (−64 to 202)Not significant