Aspirin v placebo to prevent total invasive cancer and breast, colorectal, and lung cancer at mean 10.1 years*

OutcomesAspirinPlaceboRRI (95% CI)NNH
*Abbreviations defined in glossary; RRI, RRR, NNH, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article.
Total invasive cancer7.2%7.2%1.0% (−8 to 6)Not significant
Total cancer death1.4%1.5%5.0% (−11 to 19)Not significant
Breast cancer3.1%3.1%2.0% (−9 to 13)Not significant
Colorectal cancer0.7%0.7%3.0% (−24 to 23)Not significant
Lung cancer0.5%0.6%22% (−3 to 41)Not significant