Adenotonsillectomy v watchful waiting in children with mild symptoms of throat infections or adenotonsillar hypertrophy*

Outcomes at median 22 monthsAdenotonsillectomyWatchful waitingDifference (95% CI)
*CI defined in glossary. †Difference not statistically different.
Mean number of fever episodes per person year2.973.18−0.21 (−0.54 to 0.12)†
Mean number of throat infection episodes per person year0.560.77−0.21 (−0.36 to −0.06)
Mean number of sore throat episodes per person year2.252.85−0.60 (−0.90 to −0.30)
Mean number of upper respiratory tract infections per person year5.476.00−0.53 (−0.97 to −0.08)