Written prompts for general practitioners to elicit patient concerns v usual care in patients presenting with self limiting illness*

InstrumentMean scoresMean difference (95% CI)†
Written promptsUsual care
*CSQ  =  Consultation Satisfaction Questionnaire. CI defined in glossary. Questionnaire scores were adjusted to fit scales of 0–100 for the CSQ and patient enablement instrument and 20–80 for the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. †Negative mean differences favour written prompts. ‡Significant.
CSQ–professional care88.280.97.3 (2.0 to 12.6)‡
CSQ–general satisfaction80.381.2−0.9 (−8.4 to 6.5)
CSQ–depth of relationship66.161.34.8 (−2.8 to 12.5)
CSQ–perceived time72.871.90.9 (−9.2 to 11.1)
Patient enablement instrument39.037.02.0 (−8.6 to 12.6)
Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (6 item short form of state scale)32.935.4−2.5 (−6.4 to 1.5)