Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) for chronic heart failure (HF) at 4 weeks to 41 months*

ComparisonsOutcomesNumber of RCTsWeighted event ratesRRR (95% CI)NNT (CI)
*ACE  =  angiotensin converting enzyme. Other abbreviations defined in glossary; weighted event rates, RRR, RRI, NNT, NNH, and CI calculated from fixed effects odds ratios and control rate in article.
ARBs v placeboAll cause mortality915% v 18%14% (0 to 27)40 (21 to ∞)
HF hospital admission318% v 25%30% (17 to 40)14 (10 to 23)
ARBs v ACE inhibitorsAll cause mortality813.4% v 12.8%5% (−8.8 to 22)Not significant
HF hospital admission315.0% v 15.6%4% (−11 to 17)Not significant
ARBs + ACE inhibitors v ACE inhibitors aloneAll cause mortality722.0% v 22.6%2.3% (−6.1 to 10)Not significant
HF hospital admission417% v 21%19% (11 to 26)26 (19 to 46)