Clopidogrel v placebo in addition to aspirin and standard fibrinolytic therapy for myocardial infarction (MI) with ST segment elevation*

Outcomes at mean 3.5 daysClopidogrelPlaceboRRR (95% CI)NNT (CI)
*Abbreviations defined in glossary; RRR, RRI, NNT, NNH, and CI calculated from data in article.
†Composite primary outcome  =  an occluded infarct related artery, recurrent MI, or all cause mortality.
Composite primary outcome†15%22%31% (20 to 40)15 (11 to 24)
Occluded infarct related artery12%18%64% (54 to 75)15 (11 to 24)
Recurrent myocardial infarction2.5%3.6%30% (−3 to 52)Not significant
All cause mortality2.6%2.2%18% (−23 to 80)Not significant