Antibiotics active against atypical pathogens (AAAAPs) v β lactam antibiotics in community acquired pneumonia*

Outcome at ⩽42 daysType of AAAAPNumber of trials (n)Weighted event ratesRRR (95% CI)NNT
AAAAPβ lactam
*Abbreviations defined in glossary; weighted event rates, RRR, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article using a fixed effects model.
†Event rates are not weighted.
Rate of failure to achieve clinical cure or improvementAll18 (6749)17.8%18.4%3% (−7 to 13)Not significant
Macrolide or ketolide3 (566)18.1%19.9%19% (−14 to 42)Not significant
Fluoroquinolone14 (5375)17.5%17.9%1% (−11 to 12)Not significant
Quinolone or macrolide†1 (808)22%23%5% (−28 to 29)Not significant