Functional task exercise programme (FTP) v resistance exercise programme (REP) for improving physical and muscle function*

Outcomes at 3 monthsMean change from baselineDifference in mean change from baseline between FTP and REP (95% CI)p Value
*CI defined in glossary. Difference in mean change from baseline and CI calculated from data in article. †Not significant.
Assessment of Daily Activity Performance total6. (1 to 6)0.007
Timed Up and Go (sec)−0.1−0.10.10 (−0.4 to 0.4)1.00†
Isometric knee extensor−7.023.7−8.230.7 (16 to 45)0.001
Hand grip strength−0.1−0.2−0.30.1 (−0.7 to 0.9)1.00†
Isometric elbow flexor strength− (2.8 to 20)0.03
Leg extension power11.210.8−7.00.4 (−14 to 14)1.000†