Table 2

 Learning more about teaching evidence-based practice

Strategy or tacticWhy?How?
Deliberate practice of teaching28,29Purposeful refinement of teaching craft “Practice makes perfect”Select areas on which to focus attention Identify new or alternate strategy or tactic to try out, eg, from the “Teaching Tips” series24–27 Practice new strategy or tactic repeatedly, reflecting after each use on what worked well and what could be improved
Keep a teaching journalRecord observations and interpretations of teaching and learning experiences Boosts reflective practiceTake prospective notes on planning, execution, and reflection of one’s teaching Add observations from others’ teaching Add insights from reading about learning and teaching
Get coached on teachingLearn more about teaching from peers and mastersIdentify skilled teachers who are able and willing to be a teaching coach Do real teaching while coach observes Debrief afterward to reflect on the lessons
Attend courses on teaching evidence-based practiceConcentrated focus on building teaching skills and repertoire during short period of time Learn through sharing teaching craft with othersFind and attend a course that best fits your learning and teaching needs34
Learn more about human learningHelps build conceptual models that underlie our teaching craft Boosts range of teaching options available Helps troubleshooting when teaching goes awryFind and use resources on: a. human learning in general35–41 b. learning in specific settings, such as in small groups42–48