List of Decision Aids

Condition specific decision aidsDelivery formatPublication
Breast cancer surgeryAudio cassette/booklet Health Expectations1998;:–36
Med Decis Making2001;:–6
Atrial fibrillation and antithrombotic treatmentAudio cassette/booklet JAMA1999;:–43
J Gen Intern Med2000;:–30
Cardiac ischaemic treatmentVideo disc Health Expectations1998;:–61
J Gen Intern Med2000;:–93
J Gen Intern Med1996;:–6
Menopause optionsAudio cassette/booklet Patient Educ Counsel1998;:–79
Med Decis Making1998;:–303
Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatmentVideo/video disc Dis Management Clinical Outcomes1997;:–14
Med Care1995;:–70
Prostate specific antigen testingVideo cassette/booklet J Gen Intern Med1996;:–9
Arch Fam Med1999;:–40