Diagnostic findings and tests for predicting common bile duct (CBD) pathology in patients with symptomatic gallstone disease*

Diagnostic findings and testsSensitivitySpecificity+LR−LR
*Likelihood ratios defined in glossary and calculated from data in article.
†Statistically different when compared with biliary scintigraphy (p ≤0.05).
Abnormal findings on biliary scintigraphy93% 94%150.07
CBD >9 mm with ultrasonography63%†100%†Infinity0.4
CBD stone with ultrasonography46%†100%†Infinity0.5
Abnormal bile duct with ultrasonography67%† 96%170.3
All standard criteria combined89% 48%†1.70.23
Modified standard criteria89% 71%†30.2
Ultrasonography and scintiscan96% 98%480.04