Table 1.

Antioxidant vitamins v placebo for high risk patients at mean 5 year follow up†

OutcomesAntioxidant vitaminsPlaceboRRI (95% CI)NNH
All cause mortality14.1%13.5%4% (−3 to 12)Not significant
Vascular mortality8.6% 8.2%5% (−5 to 15)Not significant
Nonvascular mortality5.5% 5.3%4% (−8 to 17)Not significant
Major coronary event‡10.4%10.2%2% (−6 to 11)Not significant
†Antioxidant vitamins were vitamin E, vitamin C, and β carotene. Abbreviations defined in glossary; RRI, RRR, NNT, NNH, and CI calculated from data in article.
‡Nonfatal myocardial infarction or death from coronary disease.
Stroke5.0% 5.0%1% (−12 to 13)Not significant
Revascularisation10.3%10.6%2% (−6 to 10)Not significant
Cancer (except nonmelanoma skin cancer) 7.8%8.0%2% (−8 to 11)Not significant