The Angina Plan (AP) v educational sessions for newly diagnosed angina at 6 months‡

Mean change in score from baseline
OutcomesAngina PlanEducational sessionsp Value
‡GTN = glyceryl trinitrate (pills or puffs); HAD = Hospital Anxiety and Depression (0–21 [severe]); SAQ = Seattle Angina Questionnaire (1–100 [better functioning]). All mean score changes favour the Angina Plan and are adjusted for covariates.
HAD Scale anxiety−1.03 0.00 0.052
HAD Scale depression−0.48 0.41 0.013
Angina attacks per week−2.98−0.41 0.016
Number of GTN per week−4.19 0.59 0.018
SAQ physical limitation 8.42−1.43<0.001