Antiplatelet treatment added to oral anticoagulants (combined therapy) v anticoagulants alone (single treatment) for patients with mechanical prosthetic heart valves (follow up 1 to 2.5 y)*

Weighted event rates
OutcomesCombined treatmentSingle treatment RRR (95% CI)NNT (CI)
*Abbreviations defined in glossary. Weighted event rates, RRI, and NNH and related CIs calculated from data in article.
Thromboembolic events5.5%8.9%57% (38 to 70)30 (19 to 62)
All cause mortality5.8%9.5%49% (35 to 67)27 (18 to 35)
Haemorrhagic events6.4%5.0%45% (3 to 106)72 (31 to 222)