Treatment of chronic wounds or ulcers with systemic antimicrobial or topical agents*

Wound typeInterventionStudiesNumber of patientsHealing
*RCTs = randomised controlled trials; nRCTs = non-randomised controlled trials.
Venous ulcersSystemic agents2 RCTs84No improvement
Topical agents5 RCTs, 2 nRCTs4493 of 7 improved
Mixed causesSystemic agents2 RCTs85Both improved
Topical agents3 RCTs, 2 nRCTs1283 of 5 improved
Pressure ulcersTopical agents3 RCTs1691 of 3 improved
Diabetic ulcersSystemic agents2 RCTs104No improvement
Topical agents1 RCT29Improvement
Pilonidal sinusesSystemic agents2 RCTs, 1 nRCT1902 of 3 improved
Topical agents3 RCTs1981 of 3 improved