Standardised cost effectiveness (cost in 2000 US dollars) estimates for HIV/AIDS intervention methods in Africa*

Intervention groupCost per HIV infection prevented (range)Cost per disability adjusted life year gained (range)
*STDs = sexually transmitted diseases; PPRNSS = patients with positive results on a new sputum smear; N/A = not available.
Condom distribution11–21881–99
Blood safety measures18–9501–43
Peer education for prostitutes79–1604–7
Prevention of mother to child transmission20–21 3551–731
Diagnosis and treatment of STDs27112
Voluntary counselling and testing393–48218–22
Short course treatment for PPRNSSN/A2–68
Co-trimoxazole prophylaxisN/A6
Home based careN/A77–1230
Preventive treatment for tuberculosisN/A169–288
Antiretroviral treatment for adultsN/A1100–1800