Baseline variables associated with incident magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) defined brain infarction in older adults without infarctions shown on baseline MRI scan*

Baseline variablesRelative risk (95% CI) adjusted for 9 baseline variables
White matter grade1.57 (1.40 to 1.75)
Creatinine2.09 (1.21 to 3.60)
Relative risk (CI) adjusted for baseline variables, white matter grade withheld
*Baseline variables = age, exercise, instrumental activities of daily living, systolic blood pressure, ankle-arm index, mean creatinine level, creatinine >110.6 ╬╝mol/l, white matter grade, and sulcal grade.
Creatinine1.77 (1.03 to 3.04)
Age1.04 (1.01 to 1.07)
Ankle arm index0.36 (0.14 to 0.88)