Comprehensive annotated reminder tool (CART) v no CART for appropriate screening during the intervention period‡

Screening serviceCARTNo CARTp Value
‡Numbers calculated from data provided by author.
§Screening only included women.
    HIV77%30%< 0.001
    Depression61%16%< 0.001
    Skin cancer55% 9.9%< 0.001
    Substance abuse98%85%< 0.001
    Domestic violence§28% 0%< 0.001
Examination and laboratory tests
    Breast§99%77%< 0.001
    Cholesterol92%81% 0.02
    Papanicolaou smear§97%81%< 0.001
    Stool occult blood75%75%Not significant
    Smoking89%75% 0.01
    Injury prevention14% 0.9%< 0.001
    Exercise31%17% 0.015
    Tetanus and diphtheria booster29%28% 0.76‡