Long term v short term treatment with oral anticoagulants for venous thromboembolism†

Outcomes at 15 moLong term(12 wk)Short term(6 wk)RRI (95% CI)NNH
Recurrence3%2% 71% (−65 to 743)Not significant
Haemorrhage (major, minor, or fatal)21%12% 66% (−12 to 216)Not significant
Major haemorrhage3%1%242% (−50 to 2269)Not significant
Long term (6 mo)Short term(3 mo)
Recurrence9%8%10% (−37 to 92)Not significant
Haemorrhage (major, minor, or fatal)17%16% 7% (−26 to 57)Not significant
†CDVT = calf deep venous thrombosis; PDVT/PE = proximal deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, or both. Other abbreviations defined in glossary; RRI, RRR, NNH, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article.
Major haemorrhage2%3%60% (−45 to 363)Not significant