Budesonide (Bud) or nedocromil (Ned) v placebo (P) for asthma in children ‡

Outcomes at mean 4.3 yearsComparisonsMean value‡p Value
‡ Means are adjusted for baseline measure, age at randomisation, ethnic group, sex, clinic, duration of asthma, severity of asthma, and skin test reactivity.
Airway responsiveness (follow up:baseline ratio)Bud v P3.0 v 1.9<0.001
Urgent care visits (number/100 person-y)Bud v P12 v 22<0.001
Ned v P16 v 220.02
Admissions to hospital (number/100 person-y)Bud v P2.5 v 4.40.04
Prednisone course (number/100 person-y)Bud v P70 v 122<0.001
Ned v P102 v 1220.01
Changes in symptom scoreBud v P−0.44 v −0.370.005
Changes in episode free days (number/mo)Bud v P11.3 v 9.30.01
Changes in albuterol use for symptoms (puffs/wk)Bud v P−7.4 v −5.3<0.001
Change in total score on Children's Depression InventoryBud v P−3.2 v −2.20.01