Therapeutic knee taping (TKT) v control tape (CTP) or no tape (NTP) in osteoarthritis of the knee at 3 weeks*

OutcomesComparisonsMean scoresDifference between groups (95% CI)†
*VAS  =  0–10 cm visual analogue scale. Other abbreviations defined in glossary; RBI, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article.
†Significant differences favour TKT (round off errors increase or decrease difference by 0.1).
Change from baseline in pain on movement (VAS)TKT v NTP−2.1 v 0.12.1 (1.2 to 3.0)
TKT v CTP−2.1 v −0.71.3 (0.3 to 2.4)
Change from baseline in pain on worst activity (VAS)TKT v NTP−2.5 v −0.42.0 (1.0 to 3.1)
TKT v CTP−2.5 v −1.11.5 (0.3 to 2.7)
Event ratesRBI (CI)NNT (CI)
Proportion of patients improvedTKT v NTP72% v 10%600% (164 to 1960)2 (2 to 3)
TKT v CTP72% v 48%50% (–1.7 to 140)Not significant