Table 5

Comparison of an existing theoretical framework with the subscales and items of the EBMEEM-67 instrument

Schönrock et al14EBMEEM-67
1. Goal orientation (content and aims of education in relation to personal development)6. EBM application opportunitiesAll items
1. Knowledge and learning materialsMore than half of the items (14, 26, 38, 53, 65)
2. Relationships (open and friendly atmosphere and affiliation)3. General relationships and supportAll items
3. Organisation/regulation (system maintenance and change)2. Learner supportAll items†
4. Institutional focus on EBMAll items†
5. Education, training and supervisionAll items†
7. Affirmation of EBM environmentMost items (except 6 and 57)
1. Knowledge and learning materialsThree items (23, 31, 40)
  • *Items are only listed in terms of the most prominent domain they relate to.

  • †Some items have an overlap with goal orientation.

  • EBMEEM-67, Evidence-Based Medicine Educational Environment Measure 67.