Table 1

Outcomes reported, numbers and design features of studies, and year range of publications included in the systematic review to inform online dating

Number of studies, years of publication
OutcomesStudy design features
RandomisationCohortCross-sectionalQualitativeSystematic review
1. Creating a profile
 Screen name
 6, 1973–2010
Uniqueness, likeability, physical attractiveness, intelligence, desirability, success, popularity114
 Primary photograph
 7, 1975–2012
Likeability, attractiveness, trustworthiness, flirtatiousness, intellectual capability, honesty, positive impressions133
 Headline message
 4, 1982–2012
Intelligence rating, success, correlation with photo attractiveness4
 Photo gallery
 5, 1978–2011
Interest, impression formation, assertiveness, expressiveness, attractiveness, perceived power14
 Description of personal traits
10, 2004–2012
Subjective well-being, self-esteem, romantic preference and outcome, anticipated future interaction, relationship potential and outcome163
2. Browsing, inviting and communication
 6, 1998–2011
Response rate, likeability, satisfaction with choice, preference, self-perception and shared identity, romantic desire51
 7, 1975–2004
Lasting contact, perceived truth of statements, matching outcomes, response rate313
 Initial electronic exchange
11, 1981–2012
Lasting contact, self-disclosure, request compliance, likeability, attraction, success of relationship2342
 Detecting deception
 11, 1991–2012
Lying behaviour and detection, online relationship formation242
 Video communication
 22, 1962–2007
Attractiveness, liking, mood, judgement, affective forecasting, relationship outcomes, perception by others12451