Table 2

Bankart (Bankert) lesion (articles used after exclusion criteria: 24)

First authorJournalDescription of eponym (s/d)
Armangil10Acta Orthop Traumatol TurcGlenoid labrum tear (d)
Burt12Arthrosc TechUndefined
Kephart13J Shoulder Elbow SurgUndefined
Shields14Am J Sports MedUndefined
Ozaki15Am J Sports MedUndefined
Belangero16Rev Bras OrtopUndefined
Dumont18Clin Sports MedDetachment of the anteroinferior labrum (s)
Bernhardson19Am J Sports MedAnterior labral injury with an avulsed labrum and a ruptured periosteum(s)
Larribe20Semin Musculoskelet RadiolInjury of the anteroinferior attachment of the labrum to the glenoid rim (s)
Yamamoto21Am J Sports MedLabral tissue dissected from the anterior glenoid rim from the 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock position (s)
Guermazi22Eur J RadiolDetached labroligamentous complex from the anterior glenoid (s)
Edmonds23J Child OrthopAnteroinferior (3–6 o'clock) labral tears (s)
Zhu24Eur J Ortho Surg TraumatolFibrocartilage tear of the anteroinferior edge of the glenoid, periosteum displaced along the front of the scapular neck (d) (this a Perthes lesion)
Argintar25Knee Surg Sports Traumatol ArthroscLabrum detachment of the glenoid rim from 2–6 o'clock (s)
Wolf26J Shoulder Elbow SurgUndefined
Grimberg27Knee Surg Sports Traumatol ArthroscLesion from the 3–6 o'clock position (s)
Streubel28J Am Acad Orthop SurgAnteroinferior detachment of the glenoid labrum; this can be either a soft-tissue or a bony avulsion (d)
Witney-Lagen29J Shoulder Elbow SurgUndefined
Moran30Arthrosc TechAnteroinferior capsulolabral detachment (s)
Horst31Br J RadiolLabrum or glenoid damage (d)
Guity32Med J Islam Repub IranAnteroinferior glenoid soft tissue detachment (s)
Tudisco33Open Orthop JDetachment of anterior labrum (s)
  • d, divergent; s, similar.