Table 1

Clinical outcomes of stable patients with bronchiectasis who received antibiotics versus placebo

OutcomeNumber of studiesPatients (n)Effect size95% CII² (%)P value (interaction)
Patients with exacerbations*
 Total1314660.760.65 to 0.8958.4
 Adult studies9†11870.750.62 to 0.9267.40.26
 Paediatric studies3†1570.860.73 to 1.010
 Route of administration (inhaled)47910.820.60 to 1.1064.80.53
 Route of administration (oral)96040.720.58 to 0.8868.6
 Type of antibiotic (oral macrolides)74440.690.53 to 0.9169.50.84
 Type of antibiotic (oral non-macrolides)21600.760.41 to 1.4080.5
Exacerbations (mean)‡
 Total1411960.620. 49 to 0.7881.1
 Adult studies11†6030.550.40 to 0.7583.40.63
 Paediatric studies2†1320.670.37 to 1.2278
 Route of administration (inhaled)58260.670.44 to 1.0281.90.68
 Route of administration (oral)86530.470.38 to 0.5931.9
 Type of antibiotic (oral macrolides)75200.490.39 to 0.5528.40.76
 Type of antibiotic (oral non-macrolides)§1380.290.14 to 0.55§
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 31890.700.44 to 1.120
 Total69161.250.49 to 3.180
Number of hospitalisation‡
 Total58050.510.22 to 1.1345.2
  • *Relative risk.

  • †Drake and Knowelden28 enrolled undifferentiated mixed population; therefore, it was excluded from this subgroup analysis.

  • ‡Incidence rate ratio.

  • §Unadjusted; Currie et al 18reported no statistical significance after adjustment to frequency of exacerbations reported in the prior year to enrolment.