Table 3

Outcomes of various predefined interventions in stable patients with bronchiectasis

OutcomeInterventionsNumber of studiesPatients (n)Effect size95% CII² (%)
Patients with exacerbations*Corticosteroids (inhaled) versus placebo21630.850.63 to 1.140
Corticosteroids (inhaled) versus corticosteroids (inhaled)+long-acting ß2 agonist1401.750.61 to 5.05
Mucoactive (mannitol) versus placebo28280.890.79 to 1.00
Atorvastatin versus placebo1600.500.25 to 0.99
Exacerbations (mean)†Corticosteroids (inhaled) versus placebo21630.810.63 to 1.040
Mucoactive agents versus placebo311730.970.70 to 1.3376.5
rhDNase versus placebo13491.170.88 to 1.53
Mannitol versus placebo28280.920.81 to 1.060
Corticosteroids (inhaled) versus corticosteroids (inhaled)+long-acting ß2 agonist1401.750.43 to 7.02
PT versus no PT (usual care)2290.710.19 to 2.550
Mortality*Corticosteroids (inhaled) versus placebo32030.390.07 to 2.09
Mucoactive versus placebo13493.050.32 to 29.060
Mannitol versus placebo28280.690.06 to 8.18
Number of hospitalisation†Corticosteroids (inhaled) versus placebo21630.610.16 to 2.310
Mannitol versus placebo14610.600.35 to 1.01
  • *Relative risk.

  • †Incidence rate ratio.

  • PT, physiotherapy.