Table 2

Safety outcomes of stable patients with bronchiectasis who received antibiotics versus placebo

OutcomeNumber of studiesPatients (n)Effect size95% CII² (%)P value (interaction)
Bacterial resistance*
 Total74441.680.70 to 4.0760.6
 Route of administration (inhaled)3871.030.23 to 4.7043.10.11
 Route of administration (oral)43572.310.65 to 8.1975
 Type of antibiotic (oral macrolides)33192.230.049 to 10.1582.20.71
 Type of antibiotic (oral non-macrolides)13830.34 to 26.33
 Total78612.071.06 to 4.010
 Adult patients+inhaled antibiotics studies78612.071.06 to 4.010
FEV1 (L)†
 Total75000.020.00 to 0.040
 Route of administration (inhaled)32010.04−0.02 to 0.0900.47
 Route of administration (oral macrolides)42990.020.00 to 0.040
FEV1 (predicted, %)†
 Total9674−0.10−0.22 to 0.010
 Route of administration (inhaled)42590.16−1.65 to 1.9655.10.26
 Route of administration (oral macrolides)54150.15−1.68 to 1.960
FVC (predicted, %)†
 Total6344−1.21−4.19 to 1.7898.1
 Route of administration (inhaled)3130−3.85−5.02 to 2.6710.70.000002
 Route of administration (oral macrolides)32140.23−1.78 to 2.248.2
 Total54013.041.63 to 5.680
 Type of antibiotic (oral macrolides)32414.231.72 to 10.3800.36
 Type of antibiotic (oral non-macrolides)21601.670.45 to 6.190
 Total43851.070.58 to 1.970
Withdrawal due to toxicity or AE*
 Total1213242.471.29 to 4.710
 Route of administration (inhaled)78612.891.23 to 6.7600.21
 Route of administration (oral)54631.060.29 to 3.810
 Type of antibiotic (oral macrolides)33470.800.17 to 3.7200.79
 Type of antibiotic (oral non-macrolides)28620.20 to 20.24
  • *Relative risk.

  • †Weighted mean difference.

  • AE, adverse event; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity.