Table 1

Number of questions under each chapter heading from the ICPC-2 PLUS classification system

ICPC-2 PLUS chapter headingn (%)ICPC-2 PLUS termsn (%)
Endocrine/metabolic and nutritional19 (13.7)Limited function/disability (t); endocrine/met/sympt/complt other; blood test; observe/educate/advice/diet; therapeutic counselling/listening; other referrals NEC; obesity; hypothyroidism/myxoedema; diabetes insulin dependent; diabetes non-insulin dependent; gout; endocrine/metab/nutrit. disorder other30 (16.5)
General and unspecified19 (13.7)Weakness/tiredness general; limited function/disability NOS; microbiological/immunological test; blood test; urine test; other diagnostic procedure; diagnostic endoscopy; diagnostic radiology/imaging; preventive immunisation/medication; infectious disease other/NOS; malignancy NOS; complication of medical treatment; abnormal result investigation NOS; allergy/allergic reaction NOS25 (13.7)
Musculoskeletal16 (11.5)Back symptom/complaint; muscle pain; sympt/comply. Musculoskeletal other; diagnostic radiology/imaging; consult with primary care provider; Medicat-script/Reqst/Renew/Inject; local injection/infiltration; infections musculoskeletal system; fracture: other; back syndrome with radiating pain; bursitis/tendinitis/synovitis NOS; osteoarthritis of knee; osteoarthritis other; shoulder syndrome; osteoporosis21 (11.5)
Digestive12 (8.6)Abdominal pain/cramps general; dyspepsia/indigestion; flatulence/gas/belching; diarrhoea; rectal bleeding; digestive microbiological/immunological test; faeces test; diagnostic endoscopy (colonoscopy); gastrointestinal infection; congen. Anomaly digestive system; oesophagus disease; irritable bowel syndrome; chronic enteritis/ulcerative colitis; disease digestive system, other21 (11.5)
Psychological12 (8.6)Sleep disturbances; memory disturbances; specific learning problems; psychological symptom/complt other; dementia; affective psychosis; depressive disorder; psychological disorders, other15 (8.2)
Cardiovascular12 (8.6)Medical examination/health evaluation-partial; physical function test; diagnostic radiology/imaging; electrical tracings; cardiac arrhythmias NOS; heart disease other; phlebitis/thrombophlebitis; cardiovascular disease other14 (7.7)
Skin12 (8.6)Skin infection post-traumatic; excise/remove/biopsy/destruction/debride; repair/fixate-suture/cast/prosthetic; other therapeutic procedure NEC; malignant neoplasm of skin; solar keratosis/sunburn; psoriasis; acne14 (7.7)
Respiratory12 (8.6)Cough; preventive immunisation/medications; influenza; pneumonia; respiratory infection other; asthma12 (6.6)
Neurological8 (5.8)Headache; speech disorder; migraine; cluster headache; peripheral neuritis/neuropathy9 (4.9)
Female genital7 (5.0)Menopausal symptom/complaint; breast symptom/complaint. Female other; malignant neoplasm breast female; fibromyoma uterus; abnormal cervix smear; premenstrual tension syndrome6 (3.3)
Pregnancy, childbearing, family planning3 (2.2)Question of pregnancy; blood test; diagnostic radiology/imaging; abortion spontaneous; pregnancy high risk5 (2.7)
Male genital3 (2.2)Cystitis/urinary infection other; abnormal urine test NOS; urinary disease other4 (2.2)
Blood, blood forming organs and immune mechanism2 (1.4)Breast symptom/complaint. Male; B medical examination/health evaluation-partial; blood test4 (2.2)
Urological2 (1.4)Blood test2 (1.1)
Eye0 (0)N/A0 (0)
Ear0 (0)N/A0 (0)
Social problems0 (0)N/A0 (0)
Total139 (100)182 (100)
  • ICPC,¬†International Classification of Primary Care.