Table 1

Characteristics of trials being restored

Trial ID/ registration #Most cited trial publicationParticipants enrolled*Number of citations†
V501-012 ‘FUTURE 1’NCT00092482Garland et al73882 women, aged 16–2432
V501-013 ‘FUTURE 1’NCT00092521Garland et al85455 women, aged 16–241312
V501-015 ‘FUTURE 2’NCT00092534FUTURE II Study Group412167 women, aged 15–261440
V501-019 ‘FUTURE 3’NCT00090220Muñoz et al53819 women, aged 21–46318
V501-020NCT00090285Giuliano et al64065 men, aged 15–27593
  • *Details taken from the clinical study report.

  • †Citation count from SCOPUS database as on 14 December 2018.