Table 1

Baseline values in the four blinded vertebroplasty trials which have been published

TrialKallmes et al 8 Buchbinder et al 19 VERTOS4VAPOUR
Enrolment (no)13178176120
Inpatients0Not reported059%
Fracture duration range<12 months<12 months<12 weeks<6 weeks
Mean fracture duration (IQR) weeks22.5 (10–36)11.7 (3.8–13)6.1 (4–7.4)2.6 (1–3)
Fracture duration ≤3/520<20%<20%79%
Mean pain score7.0 (1.9)7.3 (2.2)7.8 (1.5)8.6 (1.2)
T-score mean (SD)Not reportedNot reported−2.4 (1.0)−4.3 (1.0)
PMMA volume cc (SD)2.62.8 (1.2)5.1 (1.8)7.5 (2.8)
  • Mean fracture duration for VERTOS4 derives from conference proceedings. Mean fracture duration data for Buchbinder et al and Kallmes et al are derived from Staples et al. PMMA volume Kallmes et al is via author correspondence. The VAPOUR trial is clinically heterogeneous to the other trials.