Table 2

Number of speakers (n=145), their characteristics, and types of COI

Speakers who disclosed a non-financial COI
 Speakers with condition in question29 (20%)
 Speakers taking drug in question12 (8.3%)
Speakers who disclosed a financial COI
 Travel and lodging29 (55.8%)
 Paid consultant for pharmaceutical company7 (13.5%)
 Organisation represented receives funding from pharmaceutical company6 (11.5%)
 Paid investigator in clinical trials5 (9.6%)
 Participated in drug trials+travel expenses3 (5.8%)
 Owns stock in the company1 (<1%)
 Disclosed COI but did not specify1 (<1%)
Speaker’s position on drug approval
 Positive71 (49%)
 Negative34 (23.4%)
 Neutral40 (27.6%)
  • COI, conflicts of interest.