Table 2

Likelihood of being helped or harmed for buprenorphine implant

OutcomeLikelihood of being helped or harmed (LHH*)
Improved compliance and convenience
Migration/missing implant20.00
Clinically significant implant breakage40.00
Infection at insertion/removal site2.55
Implant-related allergic reaction2.92
Reduced risk of illicit opioid use
Migration/missing implant8.79
Clinically significant implant breakage17.57
Infection at insertion/removal site1.12
Implant-related allergic reaction1.28
Quality of life measures
Migration/missing implant3.10
Clinically significant implant breakage6.20
Infection at insertion/removal site0.40
Implant-related allergic reaction0.45
  • *Calculated as number needed to harm/number needed to treat (NNH/NNT).