Table 1

Summary of relevant studies and documents considered in an HTA report on biologicals in rheumatoid arthritis*

Industry sponsored84 (71%)
Investigator-initiated trials34 (29%)
Full-text journal article318 articles for 100/118 studies (85%)
Study registry entry
Registration159 records for 96/118 studies (81%)
Results reporting124 records for 69/118 studies (58%)
Clinical study report provided (not publicly available)
Overall81/118 studies (69%)
Industry-sponsored study80/84 industry-sponsored studies (95%)
Investigator-initiated trials1/34 investigator-initiated trials (2.9%)
Total number of documents682
  • *Extract from IQWiG report A16-70.2

  • HTA, health technology assessment; IQWiG, Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care.