Table 2

Domains of patient involvement in the production of research evidence

Research question prioritisation and study design
  • Inform research question and appropriate study design

  • Identify areas which are most important or challenging for them within their health condition or care

Identifying and selecting study outcomes
  • Provide feedback on study outcomes to ensure they are patient-oriented, patient informed and relevant

  • Comment on feasibility of outcome measures (eg, likely response rates for questionnaires)

  • Identify any additional outcomes important to them

Design of study materials
  • Assist in designing consent forms and study information sheets

  • Ensure language is at appropriate health literacy level

  • Ensure that all relevant information is included and clear

Recruitment methods and study participation guidance
  • Inform recruitment strategy

  • Identify patient groups or organisations who can support with recruitment

  • Advise on the acceptability of study participation requirements (eg, is the length of participation suitable for patient group?)

Knowledge translation and dissemination of research findings/use of evidence
  • Draft communication strategy

  • Identify channels and assist in the disseminating research findings to patients

  • Help to integrate research findings into shared decision-making tools

  • Write lay summaries, blogs, tweets and so on, to share research findings