Table 4

Top 10 reviews by AAS and WoS and journal featured in (and IF), and whether met systematic review criteria

AASJournalIF*AMSTAR-2WoS citationsJournalIFAMSTAR-2*
22‚ÄČ820The Lancet60.3L883The Lancet Online60.3CL
6202The Lancet Online60.3CL301Travel Med & Inf Dis4.6CL
5426The Lancet (Ch & Ad H)8.5CL254Acta Paediatrica2.3CL
2217The Lancet (Psychiatry)16.2CL220J Critical Care2.2CL
1981J Critical Care2.2CL198J Med Virology2.0L
1955Travel Med & Inf Dis4.6CL155J Med Virology2.0CL
1938Cochrane7.9L155Tob Ind Dis2.1CL
1816BMJ30.2CL143The Lancet60.3L
1156Tob Ind Dis2.1CL134Gastroenterology20.9CL
1156JAMA Peds13.9CL131BMJ30.2CL
  • Articles in bold met systematic review criteria.

  • *Rating using AMSTAR-2.

  • AAS, Altmetric Attention Score; CL, Critically Low; IF, impact factor; L, Low; WoS, Web of Science.