Table 1

Severity and mortality outcomes of patients with COVID-19 by gender, age, race and educational attainment

N%Proportion with influenza vaccineProportion in intensive careProportion with invasive respiratory supportProportion deceased
Total53 752100.00.3120.2880.1610.378
Male30 50756.80.2870.3010.1730.397
Female23 24543.20.3460.2710.1470.352
Age group (years)
 50–5910 30619.20.2350.2730.1540.303
White19 28035.90.3690.3200.1560.320
Mixed20 22037.60.2660.2430.1670.441
Other/NA11 14320.70.2900.3180.1640.369
No education18883.50.3940.2140.1570.632
Lower secondary49749.30.2920.2610.1600.372
Upper secondary10 02518.70.3000.2530.1210.247
Higher education47018.70.4130.2930.1030.167
Still in school2850.50.2110.2060.1190.130
Not available24 88346.30.2770.3280.1910.421
  • Table 1 shows the proportion of the population vaccinated as well as the proportion of patients in intensive care, requiring respiratory support and the proportion of patients deceased for the full sample, as well as by gender, age, race and educational attainment. Based on a total sample of 53 752 clinically confirmed COVID-19 cases with complete vaccination information captured in the SRAG system by 23 June 2020.

  • SRAG, Vigilância de Síndrome Respiratória Aguda Grave.