Table 1

Currently available COVID-19 vaccine trial data for selected trials

Trial ID; no enrolled; included agesPre-study documentsPost-study documents†Total pages available§
Press releasePubCSROther‡IPD
Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine
NCT04368728; n=43 998; 12–85 yearsProtocol, SAP, Blank CRFPress release 1, 2, 3Pub 1,2,3CSROtherNo3880
NCT04713553; n=1530; 12–50 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
NCT04816643; n=4644; 6 months to 11 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
Moderna mRNA-127 vaccine
NCT04470427; n=30 420; ≥18 yearsProtocol, SAPPress releasePubNoOtherNo3293
NCT04811664; n=37 500; 18–26 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
NCT04796896; n=6750; 6 months to 12 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
Oxford/AstraZeneca ChAdOx1 vaccine
ISRCTN89951424; n=10 300; ≥18 yearsProtocolPress releasePub
1¶, 2
NCT04400838; n=12 390; ≥18 yearsProtocolPress releasePub
1, 2
ISRCTN15638344; n=300; 6–17 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) Ad26.COV2.S vaccine
NCT04505722; n=44 325; ≥18 yearsProtocol, SAP, Blank ICFPress releasePubNoNoNo530
NCT04535453; n=1210; 12 to 55, ≥65 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
NCT04614948; n=30 000; ≥18 yearsProtocolNoN/A: trial ongoing166
Novavax SARS-CoV-2 rS/Matrix-M1 Adjuvanted vaccine
NCT04611802; n=30 000; ≥18 yearsProtocolNoN/A: trial ongoing128
NCT04368988; n=1419; 18–84 yearsProtocol, SAPPress releaseN/A: trial ongoing189
NCT04583995; n=15 187; 18–84 yearsProtocol, SAPPress releasePubNoNoNo128
Gamaleya Research Institute Sputnik V/Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine
NCT04530396; n=33 758; ≥18 yearsNonePress releasePubNoNoNo11
NCT04741061; n=6000; ≥18 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
NCT04642339; n=2000; ≥18 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
Sinopharm (BIBP) vaccine
ChiCTR2000032459; n=2128; ≥3 yearsNoneNoPubNoNoNo13
NCT04510207; n=45 000; ≥18 yearsProtocol, SAPNoPubNoNoNo102
NCT04612972; n=12 000; ≥18 yearsNoneNoN/A: trial ongoing0
Sinovac (CoronaVac) vaccine
NCT04456595; n=12 688; ≥18 yearsProtocolPress releasePubNoNoNo201
NCT04551547; n=552; 3–17 yearsNoneNoPubNoNoNo22
NCT04582344; n=13 000; 18–59 yearsProtocolPress releaseNoNoNoNo57
  • Data current as of 27 June 2021.

  • *Pre-study documents include: protocol, statistical analysis plan, blank informed consent form, blank case report form, data monitoring board charter, event adjudication committee charter, investigational medicinal product dossier and investigator’s brochure.

  • †Post-study documents include: press releases (that contain any results), journal publication (including pre-prints), clinical study report and individual participant data.

  • ‡Other includes documents released by Health Canada and EMA other than the CSR.

  • §Total pages available excludes press releases. Access to the dataset used to determine page count for trials where additional data were available through Health Canada and the European Medicines Agency is available in the Zenodo repository (

  • ¶Pooled trial analysis publication listed if there were no individual trial publications.

  • CRF, case report form; CSR, clinical study report; EMA, European Medicines Agency; ICF, informed consent form; IPD, individual participant data; n, number enrolled in trial; N/A, not applicable; Pub, journal publication ; SAP, statistical analysis plan.