Table 2

Implementation of intervention in new introductory EBHC course (under development)

Course starts
Phase 1 of intervention
  • Individual work, online (‘flipped classroom’)

  • Half day

  • Students introduce themselves to evidence of unreliable claims and uninformed choices (background), and IHC Key Concepts

  • Students find or are assigned mass media content, extract and break down claims, reflect on relevant IHC Key Concepts

  • In-person workshop with instructor

  • Half day

  • Instructor summarises online content, focusing on what students say was most difficult, introduces assignment

Phase 2 of intervention
  • Group work, in-person and/or online

  • Half day

  • Groups discuss each member’s claim and reflections

  • Each group selects one claim, and at least one relevant IHC Key Concept, choose format for assignment (e.g. text or video)

  • Groups submit assignment in chosen format, illustrating concept(s) using selected claim as example

Course continues
End of intervention
  • Instructor marks assignment (pass/fail)

  • Students turn claims into clinical question, move on to other evidence-based practice core competencies

  • EBHC, evidence-based healthcare; IHC, Informed Health Choices.