Table 1

Description of journals with a 5-year index >95 percentile

JournalPublisher/country5- year index (N of published outputs)No of authors who signed more than 10.2% articlesStatus on the board of the most prolific author
All articlesOnly ‘journal articles’
Curr Med MycolMazandaran University of Medical Sciences11.3% (141)11.3% (141)1Editor-in-chief
Posit AwareThe Network11.4% (70)11.4% (70)1Not clear whether there are associate editors
Klin. Mikrobiol. Infekc. Lek.TRIOS12.3% (73)12.9% (70)3NA
Int J MCH AIDSGlobal Health and Education Projects12.7% (79)13.0% (77)1Editor-in-chief
Commun Dis IntellHealth Protection Policy Branch, Office of Health Protection, Australian Government, Department of Health13.5% (237)13.6% (235)1NA
AIDS RevPermanyer Publications15.5% (148)14.3 (133)1Editor-in-chief
Nat. Rev. Microbiol.Nature Pub. Group16.7% (812)13.9% (545)2Associate editor (professional editor and not an academic). This author only contributes to ‘News & Comment’ or ‘In Brief’ section articles.
Eur J Microbiol Immunol (Bp)Akadémiai Kiadó18.1% (144)18.1% (144)4Coeditor-in-chief
J Arthropod Borne DisTehran University of Medical Sciences19.3% (228)19.3% (228)2Editor-in-chief
Drug Resist. Updat.Churchill Livingstone21.8% (110)21.8% (110)2Editor-in-chief
Trop ParasitolMedknow Publ.24.5% (139)20.5 (132)2Editor-in-chief
New Microbes New InfectElsevier36.7% (591)37.2% (581)5Same affiliation as the editor-in-chief
  • Percentages of contributions by the most prolific authors and numbers of published outputs were calculated for all articles published during the 2015–2019 period and for articles labelled ‘journal article’. This sensitive analysis allows the exclusion of outputs such as news items, comments, editorials and letters.

  • NA, not available.