Table 2

Recipients of Prevention of Future Deaths (PFDs) reports involving COVID-19 in England and Wales between 1 January 2020 and 28 June 2021 and their response rates (created by the authors)

AddresseeNumber of PFDs sentNumber of responses*Response rate (%)
NHS organisations 22 10 45
NHS England4250
NHS Hospitals4375
Health and Social Care Partnerships2150
NHS Pathways†11100
Ambulance services11100
Government 11 7 64
Public Health England33100
Department of Health and Social Care2150
Local authorities3267
COVID-19 Pandemic Response Service†11100
Secretary of State of Health100
Ministry of Defence100
Professional bodies 4 2 50
General Pharmaceutical Council100
Other 6 3 50
Care homes/providers22100
Water board100
National Park100
  • *Recipients of PFDs have 56 days from the date of the report to respond to the coroner under Regulation 29 of the Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013.

  • †NHS Digital responded on behalf of NHS Pathways and the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Service.

  • CCG, Clinical Commissioning Group; CQC, Care Quality Commission; GPs, general practitioners; MHRA, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency; NHS, National Health Service.