Table 1

Long list of outcomes included in clinical trials in oropharyngeal dysphagia in Parkinson’s disease

Outcome areaOutcome domainOutcome subdomainOutcome
Death1. Mortality/survivalDeath
Physiological/clinical9a. General swallowing-related outcomesOropharyngeal dysphagia severity
Saliva managementDrooling
Salivary pooling
Swallowing-related physiologyOrolingual bolus control
Oral bolus transport
Swallowing-related lingual movement
Timing of oropharyngeal swallow components
Laryngeal elevation
Laryngeal sensation
Swallowing-related hyoid bone movement
Initiation of pharyngeal swallow
Swallow efficiencyPostswallow oral residue
Postswallow pharyngeal residue
Postswallow pharyngeal pooling
Piecemeal deglutition
Swallow safetyPenetration/aspiration
Neurological statusCortical reorganisation
Motor evoked potential
9b. General non-swallowing-related outcomesNeurological findingsOverall motor symptoms
Axial symptoms
Freezing of gait
14. Nutritional and dietary outcomesLevel of oral intake
22. Respiratory outcomesAspiration pneumonia
Life impact/functioning25. Non-swallowing-related physical functioningActivities of daily living
28. Emotional functioning/well-beingPleasure of oral intake
30. Global quality of lifeSwallowing-related quality of life
31a. Swallowing-related perceived health statusSelf-perception of swallowing
31b. Non-swallowing-related perceived health statusSelf-perception of walking
Self-perception of activities of daily living
32. Delivery of careParticipant’s satisfaction with intervention
Participant’s adherence to intervention
Resource use35. HospitalHospitalisation
Adverse events38. Adverse events/effectsAdverse events