Table 4

Managing and refining the question across projects

CharacteristicsGP projectHP project
Setting the question…gets uploaded to a database, there is an administrator and one backup person within the college then who has access to that and they download it…, [it] is sent to the core group administrator, who disseminates it to the core group and then at our meeting we review all the questions that have come in…the question is assigned to one of the expert panel…’ (GP EP 04).…they would engage in advance and clarify exactly what we wanted to figure out. And often that process was particularly helpful because I suppose it forces you to think a little bit more about the question and make sure that you have clarified in your own mind what exactly you’re trying to get out of it. (HP SU 02).
Refining a questionQuestions were sometimes rephrased by the core team, for example where similar questions were merged …sometimes taking part of the question and rephrasing it so that it could be understood or could apply to more people (GP EP 04).…what is the context of this, what are they using it for, because that then informs how you would write up the review (HP EP 07).