Table 2

Participant demographics

Patient demographicsN=100
Study arm (n)
 Primary care (control)31
 Primary care using a within-encounter conversation aid (intervention)69
Age, years (mean, SD)60.0 (9.7)
Women (n)41
Body mass index, kg/m2 (mean, SD)36.7 (9.1)
Race (n)
Education* (n)
 High school or less29
 Vocational/4-year college degree46
 Graduate degree9
HbA1c, % (mean, SD)8.9 (1.3)
Years with diabetes* (n)
 5 to<1032
Literacy* (n)
Clinician demographicsN=89
Age, years (mean, SD)45.2 (11.3)
Women (n, %)45 (50.6)
Years in practice (mean, SD)12.0 (10.4)
Number of encounters included (mean, SD)3.8 (3.3)
  • *Self-reported by patients, missing responses are not represented in counts or percentages.

  • HbA1c, haemoglobin A1c .