Table 2

Action thresholds to give RR-TB treatment rather than RS-TB treatment, with 95% CIs, estimated with aNGT and clinical vignettes

SessionParticipants*#FP harms#FN harmsaNGT thresholdVignettes threshold
F2F 1199550.9% (43.4%–58.5%)35.9% (29.0%–42.8%)
F2F 2195350.1% (43.2%–57.0%)Not done
Online 1†87460.7% (57.2%–64.3%) 51.8% (45.6%–57.9%)36.1% (29.6%–42.6%)
Online 2†97453.1% (44.3%–61.8%)
  • *The number of participants refers to the number that was present in the aNGT sessions and provided weights.

  • †Weighing was planned to be repeated in both online sessions, but not done in online session two due to time constraints. The first percentage of online 1 is the result after the first weighing, the second shows the result after the weighing step was repeated.

  • aNGT, adapted nominal group technique; F2F, face to face; FN, false negative; FP, false positive; RR-TB, rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis; RS-TB, rifampicin-susceptible TB.