Table 2

SDM effect for the entire hospital (PICS, PrepDM and collaboRATE)

OutcomePICSPDM PrepDMcollaboRATE
Data setABABAB
n (T0)361706348675374733
n (T1)440581414551445588
No of departments715715715
Mean (T0)
SD (T0)
Mean (T1)
SD (T1)0.960.960.980.980.980.97
MD (T1–T0)
P value0.
Threshold T0 58.7%71.8%n.s.n.s.n.s.n.s.
Threshold T1 70.0%77.8%n.s.n.s.n.s.n.s.
Hedges‘ g0.29930.19950.22910.18360.21870.1612
  • Data set A: only departments that had at least 30 valid questionnaires at both time points T0 and T1 were included; Data set B: all departments that had at least one valid questionnaire at each time point were included.

  • MD, mean difference; n.s, not specified; PICS, Perceived Involvement in Care Scale; PrepDM, preparation for decision-making.